The Reaper

Along an empty road a figure walks along it leaves no tracks down the empty road a foul dark wind...

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant – The Power that Preserves S. Donaldson “Be true, Unbeliever Answer the call. Life is...

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Don’t Panic Where’s Your Towel?

Dont panic
stay calm
take in the situation
there is no right there is no wrong
where’s your towel?
where’s your mind?
throw it in
you’re doing fine
just take another breath
calm down
look around
your feet are still on the ground
you’re awake
you’re alive
you’re a human
you’ll survive

grit your teeth
engage your mind
time enough for the grave
when the time comes to die

Don’t Panic
Wheres Your Towel?
Where’d Ford Go?
Where’s the ground?

Don’t Panic