The Reaper

Along an empty road a figure walks along it leaves no tracks down the empty road a foul dark wind...

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant – The Power that Preserves S. Donaldson “Be true, Unbeliever Answer the call. Life is...

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Month: July 2014


In the heat of a summer sun
In a blazing sky
on the wings of a dragon in the wind
the warlords of Pern will fly
into the battle that they know can never be won
still they will couqueor just to hold the line
burn the threads from the sky until
the red sun falls from the sky

The egg gleams in moonlight
on the edge of the sky
high on a mountain deep in a cliffside
Ware The Dragonriders of Pern

As the egg starts to shake
begins to quiver with the life inside
You can feel the dragon take hold
and burn with the melding of Your minds

read Anne McCaffrey – Dragonriders of Pern