The Reaper

Along an empty road a figure walks along it leaves no tracks down the empty road a foul dark wind...

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant – The Power that Preserves S. Donaldson “Be true, Unbeliever Answer the call. Life is...

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Tag: Heavymetalsmith

Om mani padme hum

I rip through space and time
speak to you from behind
a veil of uncounted years and oceans of your species’ tears
from a different time and space
from mankind’s disgrace
in the eyes of the universe
you have defiled yourself
you have defiled your home

fall fly free
follow no one
fall fly free
into the sun
fall fly free
now you will run
follow the sun home
om mani padme hum

They’ve all been watching you
every single thing you do
everything in the universe knows exactly what you humans do
they’ve seen your war and hate
they’ve see yor money and haste
your greed and arrogance at the delicate nature of this place
you were given conciousness
you were given stewardship of this planet
all of it squandered
corrupted by your lack of grace
you politicians
you fucking pigs
it wont be long before we all pay for the things you did

om mani padme hum